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osaka 2199

This projects starts with the desire to bring nature back into the city and to the people living
in it.
Through the creation of an artificial mountain that not only houses human population but also different fauna it is our desire to create a biotope, a system which humans and nature can co-exist, promoting a healthy and natural environment much inspired by permaculture concepts.

We thought about density not only at the human scale, but at a natural scale. In answer to that, we propose a wood mountain in the middle of the city, this idea of a mountain as a element of mass and density which is
subverted when represented as a elegant wood structure.

With this project we plan a self sufficient city, with its own systems of transportation, shops,
amenities, public spaces and a 600% ratio of green vegetation over the years.

This mountain allows people to live in, the architecture grows, its natural and
green, connecting humans again with nature through the scale of natural elements and the scale of a city itself

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