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exhibition in juromenha

This exhibition is a reflection on the inner void of the Fortress of Juromenha (Alandroal, Évora, Portugal). Scattered in a random fashion throughout the ruins, wood strutures harbor various proposals for the fortress, which relate with the place and the views of landscape.

Located in Alto Alentejo, in the Guadiana Banks, the Fortress of Juromenha masters the landscape, haughty to the village that was her mother. It’s a legacy of unquestionable importance by their patrimonial and identity values. Today, far from his zenith, is reduced to ruins. A presence, a quiet keeper in the landscape, which now belongs too.

This exhibition is the result of the conference “In | Side | Out”, held in Juromenha (Alandroal, Évora, Portugal), on 17th of December of 2016 which showed to the population projects for their village.

We designed a wood structure that would support the models and would be fixed, after to the ground. They would be placed almost as if randomly order, but always relating to it’s context and place, revealing views to the visitors at the same time as the projects.

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