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In a house, we have several dimensions. Height, width and deepness are the standard measures that architecture

uses. To the human eye, natural phenomenon help constitute space as a volume. Other factors can be added to it,

like porosity or transparency, which create relationships with materials or context. They relate to what is the

individual perception of each space.

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To us time is the dimension we want to explore. In all senses, time is also dimension. It dictates the lifespan of things, changes and transformations of objects, life and most importantly, it dictates growth. Our work is an exploration of how time as an dimension. This dimension is given by the mutability of vegetation and how it changes our perception of space, growth and time. Spaces that change with time due to the action of nature and her absorption of the building but also the surrounding, the city and in the environment.


With this action, and through natural intervention, we create new possibilities and meanings to the concept of "house". In here, people feel a connection with the outside. There are no more limitations or walls, only an environment. The human perception changes as the house provides new situations each time.

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