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We believe NFTs are the future of how art can be shown, curated and finally dealed.

NFT's bring opportunity to less known artists to exhibit their works, but it also creates a new decentralized community around art, a new economy.

All works can be found on the following markets:

fig.001_moriguchi house.jpg
fig.002_the emperors room.jpg
fig.003_casa em santos.jpg
fig.004_house m.jpg
fig.005_almada housing.jpg


This will be a series of various postcards featuring architecture projects & ideas designed by me together with architecture plans in-print. Each postcard will be a 5/5, each will start at 0.05 Eth


Suddenly, we happen upon a cave, light falls from above, illuminating the void, as we approach, the shape of a house can be seen, someone was living here, not anymore, now its only resident is plants and trees.


Perception of the space lies in the thin line of our understanding between the nature which we as human beings are trying to conquer, and the eventual defeat in which nature overcomes the artificial structure.

project description:

1060 × 720, 3D modeling, image collage, sound


"I as walk through this street, I see not only what I learned in my life but I imagine what would it be if instead of being locked in a room studying, people could walk through their knowledge, like a street, in contact with nature.
That the action of walking would provide a reflection of the surrounding, a reflection for learning, a look into our inner self, so that we could appreciate the beauty of what is out there, the beauty of this world"

- ©Alexandre Vicente, 2021

1980x1080, collage



"The Tower" series Part 1 of 3

"The tower is proof of the human ingenuity and its technology. As we get ready to start our journey to overcome nature, we stop to have a moment of reflection. At the bottom of the structure, a protected tree serves as a landmark, a monument to nature and mankind, a return into a mutual understanding between the artificial world and the natural"


©Alexandre Vicente, 2021

This NFT includes a 1/1 scale physical fine art print
2362x3000, 3D modeling, collage

「a new measure」.jpg


"This is a conceptual work that intends to challenge our understanding of what is a house and what it means to house ourselves from the outside elements.

When its spatial limits are once broken, the once formed barriers are now extensions which blend into two existing realities, the urban and the natural one.

Nature becomes once again the builder of our world, the foundation of a structure for its own contemplation, and the contemplation of our own nature, a construction for our spirit, for our own well-being.


Engraved on this piece and through white lines is a plan for a future house, a house without measures that extends its limits to outside and invite people to the inside. This represents a moment where architecture has no barriers, a construction that not only welcomes, but that its only desire is to invite" -


©Alexandre Vicente, 2021

size 3508 × 4961, 3D modeling, Collage



"The Tower" series Part 2 of 3

"We arrive at the middle levels.
We find a rational wood structure, almost as suspended, hanging.
These volumes house people, who live their daily lives in symbioses with the natural surrounding, a natural surrounding which is slowly absorbing the structure the supports it. Some might even think that the structure was done to accommodate it, but the opposite couldn't be far from the true.
As we escalate the tower, nature overcomes and blends with human life. As humans live in their artificial structures, the rings at the centre provide nurture.

The Tower is a monument which celebrates nature and humanity and how they can and should be together"

©Alexandre Vicente, 2021

3779x8000, 3D modeling, collage

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